2014 Premiership Results

Congratulations to the 2014 Premiers.

11a Ryde
11b Ryde & Northern District (joint premiers)
11c Baulkham Hills
13a Ryde
13b Manly & Ryde (joint premiers)
13c Manly
15a Ryde
15b Sydney University
15c Ryde
17a Ryde
17b Briars
17c Ryde

Club Championship Summary

Club Championship

The North Area Junior hockey Association (NAJHA) awards a Club Championship on an annual basis. This award recognises performances in regular competition matches by all junior teams fielded by a Club irrespective of age group or pool. Competition points are however weighted in the following way; A pool scores are multiplied by 3, B pool scores by 2 and C Pool by 1. Each Club's weighted score for each pool is aggregated and the Club with the most number of points is declared the winner of the Club Championship. The scoring system for North Area junior competition matches recognises wins, draws, losses and byes. Thus this Award recognises performance, not only in the conventional sense, but participation as well.

The winner of the 2014 Club Championship was Ryde

Most Improved Club

The NAJHA recognises also improvement by Clubs on an annual basis. The Club whose Club Championship point score improves the most, as a percentage, over that Club's score in the prior season is declared the Most Improved Club.

The winner of the Most Improved Club in 2014 was Manly

Colin Manning Trophy

The Sydney Junior Hockey Association administers the Sydney Wide Under 15 Competition, a competition that is commonly referred to as the SJHA-U15 Metro Competition. Teams compete for the Colin Manning Trophy in honour of the late Colin Manning. Manning was a Ryde junior who played 322 senior games and represented New South Wales at junior, U21 and Open levels. He was awarded Brian Booth medal (Best and Fairest title for the Sydney Hockey Association) at just 18 years of age and was the leading goal scorer (Ron Riley Medal) in 1993, 1994 and 1997

The winner of the Colin Manning Trophy in 2014 was Ryde Panthers